Is Bill Cosby Launching a PR Blitz to Improve His Image?

bill cosby

Whatever else you think of BILL COSBY, he’s a highly intelligent man.  Which means he can’t possibly be stupid enough to think this could work:

Radar Online claims Bill is about to launch a PR blitz to get the public to embrace him again.  His sexual assault trial begins on June 5th, and he’s relying on friends and family to go to bat for him.

Supposedly, his daughter Erika will do a high-profile interview talking about how kind and giving her dad is.  And both his TV wife PHYLICIA RASHAD and singer MELBA MOORE are going to do the same.

Bill’s wife Camille will also write an op-ed in support of him.

A source says, quote, “They’ve already got it lined up.  They want potential jurors to see the good side and not this monster that everyone has been making him out to be.”