A Burglar Swallows a Gold Chain He Stole . . . and the Cops Patiently Wait For It to Come Out the Other End

A 52-year-old guy in Kent, England named Clifford Airey broke into a house back in January and stole a gold chain worth at least $500.  But when the cops closed in on him, he SWALLOWED it.

So they arrested him for burglary . . . and then they played the waiting game.

And this was a particularly stinky version of the waiting game . . . because it involved going through his STOOLS as he produced them.

But it all paid off when he did, in fact, plop out the necklace and they dug it out.

And thanks to that piece of evidence, Clifford was just convicted of burglary and handling stolen goods, and he got eight years in prison.

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