Raiders Football on KCLB

Catch every Raiders football game on 93.7 KCLB.

October 15th – Raiders vs. Chargers at 1:25pm

October 19th – Raiders vs. Chiefs at 5:25pm

October 29th – Raiders vs. Bills at 10:00am

November 5th – Raiders vs. Dolphins at 5:30pm

November 19th – Raiders vs. Patriots at 1:25pm

November 26th – Raiders vs. Broncos at 1:25pm

December 3rd – Raiders vs. Giants at 1:25pm

December 10th – Raiders vs. Chiefs at 10:00am

December 17th – Raiders vs. Cowboys at 5:30pm

December 25th – Raiders vs. Eagles at 5:30pm

December 31st – Raiders vs. Chargers at 1:25pm



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