An Uber Driver Saved a Suicidal Man Who Asked to Be Dropped Off on a Bridge

uber driver saves guy

I’m glad this guy stepped in here, because he SHOULD have.  But it’s the type of thing not everyone would do.  A 41-year-old Uber driver named Chad Farley picked up a 28-year-old guy in St. Petersburg, Florida Monday night.

And while they were driving, the guy told him he’d recently been diagnosed with brain cancer, and talked about the new treatment his doctor wanted to try.  Then Chad saw that the destination the guy punched in was the middle of a BRIDGE.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge connects St. Petersburg and Bradenton, Florida.  It’s about 200 feet tall in the middle.  And unfortunately, about a dozen people commit suicide each year by jumping off of it.

So Chad realized what was going on.  And instead of dropping the guy off in the middle of the bridge, he dropped him off at a rest stop at one end of it.  Then he called 911.

Cops found the guy when they got there and started talking to him.  But then he ran into the water to DROWN himself.

It was dark out, so they could barely see.  But the cops took off their gear anyway . . . went in after him . . . found him UNCONSCIOUS several minutes later . . . did CPR . . . and saved his life.

Chad says they talked in the car about why you can’t give up, even if you’re up against something like cancer.  And he’s planning to visit him in the hospital soon so they can talk more.