As of Monday morning August 3rd, 2020. 


California stats are through Saturday, August 1st, 2020


California has tested 8,035,975 of its 40 million people for the Covid-19 virus.  That’s 20% of the population.


93.66% of the people tested for Covid-19 in California have tested negative.  That’s 7,526,813 people.


6.33% of the people tested for Covid-19 in California have tested positive. That’s 509,162 people.


California has 9,356 deaths from Covid-19, which is 1.83% of those who have tested positive.


California hospitals report 1.24% of the people who have tested positive, are hospitalized, which is 6,362 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the hospitals. 1,940 of those patients are in ICU.  The State also reports having another 1,399 “Suspected Covid-19” patients.


Riverside County stats as of Monday morning August 3rd, 2020.


Riverside County Stats are through Friday, July  31st, 2020


In Riverside County, since March 2020, 367,727 people have been tested for Covid-19 as of Monday morning August 3rd, 2020.


2,132,273 people still need to be tested in the county.


14.70% of Riverside County’s population has been tested for Covid-19.  That’s 367,727 people out of a population of 2.5 million people.

More than 85% of the population of Riverside County has not been tested.


330,716 people have tested negative, which is 89.93% of the people tested.


37,011 people have tested positive, which is 10.06% of the people who have been tested.


Of the 37,011 people who have tested positive in Riverside County,


35.25% of them, 13,050, have fully recovered.


61.64% of them, 22,814, are at home recovering and are not getting any medical assistance. Together, that’s 96.89% of all the positive cases.


1.22 of the people who have tested positive so far in Riverside County, 452 people, remain hospitalized, (that includes 5 people from Riverside County jails), and 153 of them are in Intensive Care.


1.87% of the people who have tested positive so far in Riverside County, 695 people, have died from Covid-19. That’s an increase of 6 deaths in the past 24 hours. 218 of those deaths have been in the Coachella Valley, which is 31.36% of the County’s total. 200 deaths in cities, 18deaths in unincorporated areas…7 in Mecca,  1 in Vista Santa Rosa, 2 in Bermuda Dunes, 2 in Desert Palms, 2 in Desert Edge, 1 in Oasis, and 1 in North Shore.


406 deaths among men, 289 among women


10,208 positive cases have been recorded in the Coachella Valley since March 8th, 2020, when the testing and counting began. The Coachella Valley has accounted for 27.58% of the positive cases in Riverside County.


1,313 cases are in unincorporated areas of the desert;

(Mecca 306 cases and 7 deaths, Thermal 126 cases, Oasis 238 cases and 2 deaths,  North Shore 100 cases and 1 death, Bermuda Dunes 93 cases and 3 deaths, Thousand Palms 143 cases, Vista Santa Rosa 63 cases and 1 death, Garnet 151 cases, Desert Palms 35 cases and 2 deaths, Desert Edge 29 cases, and 2 deaths, and Sky Valley 29 cases)


8,895 cases are in cities in the desert:

749 cases in Palm Springs, 25 dead

187 cases in Rancho Mirage, 14 dead

774 cases in Palm Desert, 40 dead

1,338 cases in Cathedral City, 21 dead

2,589 cases in Indio, 56 dead

580 cases in La Quinta, 15 dead

724 cases in Desert Hot Springs, 12 dead

1,920 cases in Coachella,  16 dead

34 in Indian Wells, 1 death

13 cases in Idyllwild/Pine Cove, no deaths

32 cases in Cabazon, 1 dead


In Riverside County:

There are no deaths from Covid-19 for anyone from newborn to age 17.

deaths among people aged 18-24.

30 deaths among people aged 25-44

167 deaths among people aged 45-64

347 deaths among people aged 64-84

147 deaths among people aged 85 and up.


Riverside County has 2,505 cases in nursing homes, with 1,534 cases among patients, and 971 cases among staff. The overwhelming majority of nursing home cases, 757 cases, are in the City of Riverside.

In Coachella Valley nursing facilities, there have been 178 cases in Palm Desert, 112 in Palm Springs, 51 in Indio, 50 in La Quinta, 46 in Rancho Mirage.


Riverside County is no longer providing capacity statistics for the hospitals in the county.


The federal temporary hospitals built at the County Fairgrounds in Indio and the old Sears Store in Riverside months ago, are still equipped and ready to be used.   They are not currently being used because they are not needed at this time.   They are not staffed right now because there are no patients there.


If they are needed, they can quickly be staffed and put into operation.

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