CA Rebate Debit Cards Take The Long Way To Your Mailbox

We have found out why it has taken the State of California several months to send out all the Middle Class Tax Refunds promised back in the summer of 2022.


People who have given the State of California Franchise Tax Board their banking information,  have received their rebate via direct deposit.


People who don’t trust the State government and don’t want to give their banking information to the state bureaucracy, have been waiting and waiting for their refund.


Well, the debit cards are arriving this month, from a P O Box in Omaha Nebraska.  The money is funneled through the Community Bank  of New York.   Customer service is handled by a financial network in Alpharetta Georgia.  No word on why the refunds could not be handled in California, considering the refunds are only for California residents.


You can use the debit cards to make purchases.  But if you want cash, be careful. Many of the options available to  access the cash from the debit card, involve fees you have to pay.  Many ATM’s limit withdrawals from the card to just 2-hundred dollars.   Many ATM’s only dispense quantities of cash in 20 dollar increments.


Make sure you are staying in the network which issued the debit card to avoid paying fees to access what is… your money.



Human hand grabbing money, squeezing 100 dollar bills.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR