CA Says Delta Variant Is Cause For New Vaccine Mandate…But Not Until After The Recall Election

The State of  California is requiring proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or  a negative COVID-19 test  if you want to enjoy any large indoor event.

State Public Health Officer Dr. Tomas Aragon says the new mandate is necessary to minimize “risk of infection, hospitalization and death.”

However, apparently that risk is not that high, because the state’s new mandate does not take effect until September 20th 2021 for indoor events with one-thousand people or more.  If you are heading to an indoor event with only 850 people there, the mandate won’t apply.

The September 20th date is 6 days after the recall election takes place, involving embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Imposing that mandate prior to the recall election could anger voters even more, creating more problems for Newsom.

Los Angeles County and 2 cities in the Coachella Valley have already imposed similar restrictions.

In L-A County, the mandate even applies to outdoor events, with crowds of more than 10-thousand people.

The mandate in Palm Springs also applies to restaurants, even if you are the only one there, and all the other tables are empty.  It takes effect August 26th 2021, right after thousands of people complete the double weekend event called Splash House on the weekends of August 14 and 15th and August 21st and 22nd 2021.

In Cathedral City, the mandate is similar to the one in Palm Springs, but is effective September 1st 2021.

California health officials say the Delta variant is highly transmissible, making it easier to spread in large crowds.



Boxing ring in arena full of fans.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR