CA Still Sending Out ‘Inflation Relief Checks’ In The Form Of Debit Cards…In January 2023

For patient Californians who still have not received the inflation relief check they were promised by the government of the State of California, you will have to wait until the New Year.

The last of those checks will be sent out in January 2023.

In the summer of 2022, taxpayers were told they would be getting those payments  by Election Night November 8th 2022.

Like usual, just hollow government promises, as many people have still not received the paltry 3-hundred dollar check.

The California Franchise Tax Board says the remaining payouts will be sent as debit cards and will be mailed out by January 14th 2023.

All taxpayers who get direct deposit of their California income tax refunds should have already received their rebate check.



Closeup of hand holding and giving credit card for payment.

photo from Alpha Media Palm Springs CA