Between storming off-stage while supporting his country music and claiming that Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst is like the Dali-Llama, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has hinted that the band could return next year.

Before having a fit due to fans not being quiet while he played, Lewis hinted at his stop in Oklahoma City over the weekend that Staind, asking the audience “So, what if I told you that Staind is coming back next year?”

Fan footage also shows Lews telling the crowd “I might be lying.  I might not.  There might even be live shows this year.  I can’t say for sure.  You never know.”  While the audience cheered at the possibility of new Staind music, they jeered Lewis when he got upset that they wouldn’t keep quiet while he played, threw a red Solo cup at the audience and then stormed offstage.

The news comes two years after Lewis told a radio station that “the touring machine of Staind, as you call it, will never be again.”  Staind did reunite in 2017 for Lewis’ sixth annual charity gold tournament and concert.

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