Covid-19 Recovery Is Strong In Riverside County

As of Tues morning Sept 7th 2021:


The Covid-19 recovery rate is above 96 and a quarter percent in Riverside County, as more than 326-thousand people have recovered from Covid-19 out of nearly 339-thousand who have tested positive in the past year and a half.

673 people remained hospitalized with the virus in the county and 148 of them are in ICU.

The death rate is 1.4%, with 4,759 Covid fatalities in Riverside County.


In California, the death toll is 1.53%, with 65,990 deaths out of 4,300,437 cases.

California reports 8,120 people hospitalized with Covid-19, and 2,047 are in Intensive Care.

The Covid-19 recovery rate in California is 98.27%


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Yellow and red sign that reads California Coronavirus –Stay Informed.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR