CV LINK Moves Forward

Construction of the CV LINK continues.


The biggest section  of the LINK still has to be built and work could start on that in late 2020.


The Coachella Valley Association of Governments has approved the next 53 million dollars worth of contracts with Ames Construction, which will cover the cost of building a 17 mile stretch of the LINK.


That stretch of the LINK could be finished by December 2022.


So far, three and a half miles of CV LINK have been built in Palm Springs and Cathedral City.  Work is underway now on another 3 and a half mile stretch through Palm Desert.


If you are still in the area by the time 2025 rolls around, and that massive earthquake does not hit the region, and Covid-19 has faded into oblivion, you should be able to ride your bicycle on all 40 miles of the completed CV LINK.



Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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