Twenty-two neglected dogs have been rescued by Riverside County Animal Services officers.


A small fire on Gamble Avenue in Woodcrest on Friday June 18th led to the discovery of the dogs at the home of an elderly couple that had fallen into bad health, and could no longer care for the dogs.


But instead of seeking help for the dogs, the couple just let the dogs’ conditions worsen.


So, the group of Pomeranians, Shih Tzus and Terrier mixes ended up with matted hair and in need of a bath.


An animal rescue agency from Studio City is cleaning up the pooches and will put them up for adoption.


The owners who neglected the dogs are old and sick and feeble, and there is no word if any charges will be filed against them.




A dog with matted fur, one of 22 dogs discovered neglected at a home near Riverside on June 18th 2021.

Photo from Riverside County Animal Services Department