Duff McKagan recently sat down with Kerrang! magazine to discuss his favorite part about the Guns N’ Roses “Not In This Lifetime” reunion tour. Interestingly, grossing half a billion dollars wasn’t one of his answers.

The bassist admitted that he loved reconnecting with his fellow bandmates, “In a very deep way and a very solid way.” “And we discovered we’re now f***ing grown-ass men and can be honest with each other and that’s been, I think, for all of us, it’s been that thing that’s been hanging there that you get asked about in every interview you do since then, and now we finally were able to really communicate and figure s**t out,” McKagan revealed.

How are things between everybody? According to Duff, “Things are very positive in the band right now, communication is at a very high level, and in classic Guns N’ Roses fashion, I won’t tell you s**t.”

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