Gene Simmons is a farmer, the music industry is his farm, his songs are eggs and fans are foxes.

At least those are the comparisons Simmons is using when discussing the state of rock music. He says, “Imagine being a farmer, and you sell eggs and chickens — that’s what you do.


And that first little cute fox comes in and steals an egg. And the farmer is gonna try to shoot the fox, ’cause, ‘Hey, you’re stealing my living.’ And the wife says, ‘Don’t. It’s so cute.’ That cute little fox takes the egg back to where all the foxes are: ‘Hey, we’ve got a sucker over here. Let’s go get some chickens and eggs.’”

Like music fans, the foxes end up taking all of the farmers eggs without paying for them, Simmons continues. “Before you know it, there are no chickens, no eggs and the farmer’s out of business; the trucks that drove the farmer’s stuff to market are out of business ’cause they don’t have stuff; the supermarkets that sold the stuff are out of business.


Everybody’s out of business because that first putz, that first little hole in the Titanic sank the whole ship.”