Get Ready For The Final Solar Eclipse Of 2022
Total Solar Eclipse In Sky - Moon image furnished by NASA

On Tuesday, the moon’s orbit will place it between the sun and Earth, providing Earthbound sky watchers with their final glimpse of a solar eclipse in 2022, NASA reports.

As a result of the planetary alignment, the moon’s shadow will be cast across Greenland, Iceland, most of Europe, northeast Africa and a good portion of western and central Asia, astronomers say.

While the event won’t be visible to residents of North America, at least they can watch it online at

While the celestial event will be the last solar eclipse of the year, it won’t be the final eclipse. The year’s closing lunar eclipse is expected to happen on November 8th when the moon disappears into Earth’s shadow, astronomers say.

The event will not only be visible to residents of North America, but it will also be seen by people in South America, eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand, according to