While the odds of meeting one’s favorite celebrity while strolling down the street must be astronomical, that’s exactly what happened to a self-proclaimed Guns N’ Roses superfan in California.

Lucie Johnson says she was walking down a Malibu street earlier this week when she came face-to-face with her idol, GN’R frontman Axl Rose. “Can’t believe what happened tonight,” Johnson writes on Instagram. “Cross this off the bucket list.

I met Axl Rose of one of my favorite bands, Guns N’ Roses, tonight! We spoke briefly about music, and he gave me a hug and it all just happened so fast. Still can’t believe it. Signed my album cover.”

Johnson goes on to describe the encounter as “freakin’ awesome,” adding she’s been “playing their album 24/7” – which might explain why she had an album with her for Rose to sign.