Homes Of The Rich & Famous For Sale In CA

Got money and plenty of it?


If you do, you could become a neighbor of former President Donald Trump. You’ll need  about 50-million dollars to buy a  ten-thousand square foot home in Palm Beach Florida for 49-million dollars.

The half-acre property on the beach front has eight bedrooms, eight-and-a-half baths, and a nice view of the ocean.

The asking price would also include a membership to Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago club which is right across the street from the home.

The property was previously owned by Trump’s sister Maryanne, who sold it for 18-point-five million in 2018.


If you would rather buy in California, and switch political leanings, you could buy a mansion in Brentwood, now owned by Lebron James.

The Lakers star is asking more than 20 million  dollars for his 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom  home.

Lebron also owns a home in Beverly Hills.



Three money bags and stacks of money on white with soft shadow.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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