The pandemic might dampen your Memorial Day plans. As some people get back to certain activities, how can you stay safe while still taking advantage of the holiday?

Erin Bromage is a biology professor who has been giving advice about COVID-19 since the outbreak started.

She wrote some helpful suggestions on how to manage the virus and the upcoming weekend. Bromage says if you are going to have any kind of get together, plan ahead.

Keep guests to family members, vet where they have been, and how they are feeling and keep the gathering small.  As far as space, do your best to keep activities outside and make sure eating areas are spread out.

For food, try to let guests bring their own meals so sharing won’t become an issue. If you have a barbeque, serve the meat or vegetables straight from the grill.

Bromage also says to avoid finger foods to keep touched surfaces down to a minimum.  As always, keep physical distance and wear masks during conversations.

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