People on the internet have way too much time on their hands. It’s been said that Beyoncé is part the secret society who controls the world, but is it possible that their membership includes rock bands too?

Mike Shinoda sat down to discuss the claims that Linkin Park is also in The Illuminati, and, well, you’ll probably be disappointed. “Dude, if I was Illuminati, I would be balling right now.

Why would I be a musician running around doing shows?” the band co-founder says, admitting that he didn’t even know the term when it was first mentioned.

As for what he’d do if he could pull the planet’s strings, Shinoda reveals that he’d run Facebook, or be Jeff Bezos.

“Why would I be in Linkin Park? That would be a stupid thing.” Do you believe the Illuminati is real? If Linkin Park was involved, is this exactly what someone would say?

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