Jack White has questions for Snoop Dogg.  After congratulating Snoop on his new cereal release and offering “a pat on the back for [the] charitable benefits that it will be producing,” White had a “couple of important questions” on social media about the cereal.

White says the box’s cover says it contains “MORE MARSHMALLOWS,” which then led him to ask, “More than what? If this is in fact a brand new cereal, it can’t be more marshmallows than ‘before.’” White then wondered if the box’s claim means “that this cereal has more marshmallows than say a bag of sand, or a typical caesar salad?”

He wrote, “Or, is it a DEMAND from Snoop Dogg himself that we just have more marshmallows in the world in general? That last theory is my hope.” The post ends with White demanding answers to his questions.