Metallica’s James Hetfield Sends Message Of Hope To Young Addicts

James Hetfield of Metallica recently did a video for the RoadRecovery Youtube channel and sent out a message to young people who are struggling with addiction.

Hetfield said, “I know we’re going through some rough times, and I’m just here to send a message of hope and that you’re not alone – that we’re all living this together and that we’ve been given a gift of music, which is a great thing to lean on and rely on.”

Adding more about music, Hetfield said, “When I get really emotional, that’s when I write lyrics. When I get in a really happy, good mood, that’s when I start writing riffs. That’s just what I do, and you’ll find your own thing.

But you’ve been given a gift of music, and to utilize that in great times and in struggles.“ Hetfield himself has battles alcohol addiction.


Photo By: Herring & Herring