Palm Springs Still Kicking Around A ‘Hero Pay’ Ordinance

The City of  Palm Springs does not have a hero pay ordinance just yet.

The City Council opting not to take a vote on a proposal to pay people who work at pharmacies and grocery stores an extra 4 dollars per hour for their shifts over a 120 day period, during the covid 19 pandemic.

Of course the pandemic has been going on for one year.

And those workers at the grocery stores and pharmacies are not employees of the City of Palm Springs.

They work for private companies, who would be footing the bill for the extra 4 dollars per hours, per worker.

The City Council will debate the issue further later in March 2021.

The City of Coachella has already passed a hero pay ordinance for farm workers and employees of grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants.


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Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR