During the mid-2000s, Michael Anthony’s role with Van Halen seemed to be diminishing until he was finally relieved of his bassist duties in 2006, replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son.

Speaking to Lance Armstrong on his The Forward Podcast, another ex-bandmate reveals exactly what took place. “Eddie went through a really dark time, I’m telling you, dark, dark, dark,” says Sammy Hagar, who adds it simply came down to “Eddie wanted to play with his son.”

The former frontman takes issue with the lineup change, admitting, “You don’t fire the best bass, background singer in the world and bring your son in because that’s hard on your son. It’s not fair for your son, I don’t think anyway.”

Since then, Anthony has found new work, teaming up with Hagar to form the supergroups Chickenfoot and The Circle.

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