Perhaps this would be a way to satisfy all of Van Halen’s fans, regardless of which incarnation. In a recent interview, Sammy Hagar admitted he’d love his supergroup to open for his former band.

The Circle, which also features former VH bassist Michael Anthony, is releasing their first album of all original material, Space Between, on May 10th, hitting the road this upcoming weekend in support of the record.

While he hasn’t heard from his old bandmates in some time, Hagar still says, “I absolutely want that whole camp — I want Ed, Al, and David together — to sit down and listen to this f***ing record.

I tell you what, I would love this band to open for Van Halen.” For Hagar, it isn’t about a reunion, but for burying the hatchet, revealing, “I don’t want to be back in the band…But I would like to be friends.”