A number of San Francisco residents say they’ve been hearing eerie, trumpeting sounds from the sky — which some believe is a sign that the apocalypse is just around the corner. In a Twitter video recorded near the Golden Gate Bridge, a high-pitched wailing sound can be heard in the distance.

The caption accompanying the clip reads, “Can someone explain to me why is this eerie sound has been going on for an hour in San Francisco?”

The answer, according to Christianity.com’s Hope Bolinger: Per the Bible’s Book of Revelations, seven trumpets will sound to kick off a series of catastrophes that will ultimately cause the end of the world.

However, San Francisco city engineers say the source of the trumpet-like sounds is a little closer to Earth and not so Biblical — they say the sound comes from recently-installed sidewalk slats, which produce a high-pitched hum when the wind blows through them.

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