Has summer really started until Slighty Stoopid and Dirty Heads hit the road?

The two reggae rock outfits launch their co-headlining Slightly Dirty tour Thursday in Cleveland. Speaking with ABC Audio, Slightly Stoopid frontman Miles Doughty teases there will be “a lot of collaborations” during the outing, which also features the bands Common Kings and The Elovaters on the lineup.

“I’m not gonna say what songs we’re doing, but I look forward to playing with all the bands on the bill,” Doughty says. “Everyone’s gonna be sitting in [with each other].”

Doughty adds that Slightly Stoopid and Dirty Heads will be switching who closes each night.

“It’s cool, ’cause it just kinda opens up a different window of songs we’re gonna do and energy we’re gonna take to the shows,” he says.

No matter what time they take the stage, Slightly Stoopid will be having fun in the — possibly setting — sun.

“It’s fun for us, so I know it’s gonna be fun for the people because we’re having a blast,” Doughty says. “When you have a blast like that playing music, it kinda just carries over into the show and the crowd gets a little more crazy, then we get a little more crazy. So it’s really cool.”

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