The Sopranos had one of the most talked-about finales in television history, and many fans still have questions about what happened to Tony at the end.

David Chase has offered more information about what happened without totally confirming. Chase said, “The scene I had in my mind was not that scene. Nor did I think of cutting to black. I had a scene in which Tony comes back from a meeting in New York in his car.”

He continued, “At the beginning of every show, he came from New York into New Jersey, and the last scene could be him coming from New Jersey back into New York for a meeting at which he was going to be killed.”

David said, “Yeah. But I think I had this notion — I was driving on Ocean Park Boulevard near the airport and I saw a little restaurant. It was kind of like a shack that served breakfast. And for some reason, I thought, ‘Tony should get it in a place like that,’ Why? I don’t know. That was, like, two years before.”