Update: As of 4 a-m Fri June 18th 2021

The Flex Alert has been extended through Friday night June 18th 2021 at 9 p-m.

This is due to continuing heat which is baking California.

The California System Operator is urging people to conserve power all day, and specifically between 6 p-m and 9 p-m.



Hot temperatures across California have triggered a statewide Flex Alert.

The California Independent System Operator, or Cal ISO for short, has called the Flex Alert from 5 p-m to 10 a-m on Thursday June 17th 2021.

Cal ISO is asking you to cut your power use because it’s not sure it has enough power to keep the lights on. Rotating power outages are a possibility.

In addition to air conditioners working hard to keep you cool, washers and dryers to clean your clothes, and dishwashers to wash your dishes, the state power grid also has to contend  with an ever-growing number of electric vehicles, which are draining more electricity from teh grid every time you recharge them.

According to Cal-ISO, residents are urged to take steps prior to the alert taking effect, such as pre-cooling their homes, using major appliances early in the morning,  and using window shades, curtains and shutters to keep the sun out.

Once the Flex Alert takes effect, residents should set their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using major appliances and turn off all unnecessary lights.




Photo from California Independent System Operator