The Metallica Song James Hetfield Regretted Writing

Metallica band member James Hetfield confessed to regretting writing one of the group’s songs. On July 27, 1984, Metallica began work on their second studio album, “Ride The Lightning.”

The album was recorded at Copenhagen, Denmark’s Sweet Silence Studios, within three weeks, was received well by both critics and fans and demonstrated the band’s progress musically and lyrically.

Still, James Hetfield’s least favorite song on the album was ‘Escape.’ The song’s original title, ‘The Hammer,’ described its lighter riffs and traditional song structure.  Since the record company pushed them to create the piece, Hetfield was not a fan.

Despite not liking the request, Hetfield claimed they still managed to write the song. They only performed the song once at the 2012 Orion Music + More festival.


Photo by Metallica