A cat went into a weed-infused stupor after downing an entire weed cookie and Carmilla The Kitten’s owner detailed the entire “drug adventure” on her Twitter page.  @Carmine_Deville says she left a frozen weed cookie on top of her refrigerator to thaw while she went to the bathroom, only to come back and find the cookie was eaten by one of her cats.

Carmilla had chewed through three Ziploc bags and a paper wrapper to indulge in her weed treat. Once Carmine realized which cat had gotten stoned she spent the next four hours trying to make Carmilla vomit and comfort her.

Carmine shared several hilarious pictures of her cat as it went through the various stages of being considerably high. Carmilla sat and stared at her paws for an outrageous amount of time, she sat behind the toilet and in the bathtub before crawling under an armchair while periodically meowing and poking her paw out.

The cat was okay after it finally came down off its high, Carmine says the moral of the story is to “do your drugs before your pets do.” Has your pet ever accidentally got drunk or high? Tell your story.

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