Covid-19 Stats Monday Morning Nov 16th 2020

Covid-19 Stats for Monday November 16th 2020


California has tested 20,866,785 people for Covid-19.

1,019,345 have come up positive.

19,847,440 have come up negative.

19,133,215 people still have to be tested.


4,454 are hospitalized around the state with Covid-19.

1,094 of those people are in ICU.


Everyone else has recovered, or is recovering at home and don’t require hospitalization.


The State of CA has an infection rate of 8.4 cases per 100-thousand people.




Riverside County has tested 921,882 people for Covid-19.

Only 74,180 have tested positive.

847,702 have tested negative.

1,578,118 people still have to be tested.


286 people are hospitalized with Covid-19.

65 of those people are in ICU.


64,368 people have recovered.

8,159 people are recovering at home, and don’t require hospitalization.


Riverside County has an infection rate of 13.9 cases per 100-thousand people, and that is high enough to land the county in the most restrictive PURPLE TIER, of Governor Gavin Newsom’s 4-color ranking plan.  The county needs to get its infection rate between 4 and 7 cases per 100-thousand people, to go to the less restrictive RED TIER.


Riverside County has 8,445 active cases of Covid-19.

The Coachella Valley has 1,714 active cases of Covid-19

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR