David Lee Roth will show up in Motley Crue’s biopic…well, kinda, when Netflix releases The Dirt on March 22nd.

Not many details have emerged on the movie, but rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who plays drummer Tommy Lee in the film, revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that he was so desperate to be apart of the Motley Crue movie, he was interested in playing Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth’s character.

DLR is played by actor Christian Gehring. His acting credits include Bones, The Brink and Modern Family. You know that any story that involves Motley Crue and David Lee Roth has to be wild and over-the-top.

Roth was mentioned in Motley Crue’s book, The Dirt, on which the film is based.  The story says that David Lee Roth was sitting greedily with a huge pile of cocaine telling stories when a door came off its hinges and cracked him in the head.

The story continues that Roth barely blinked an eye and continued on with his conversation and coke.

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