Expensive Holiday Season In Full Swing

Despite frequent steep interest rates hikes by the Federal Reserve, inflation is pounding Americans.

And many are  feeling the financial strain heading into the holiday season.

A recent poll from financial services company LendingClub found 60-percent of Americans are living paycheck -to-paycheck, an increase from the 56-percent who said they were living paycheck-to-paycheck in November 2021.

The survey also found 59-percent of those living paycheck-to-paycheck had trouble paying their monthly bills.

Part of that is due to significant increases in the cost for basic necessities like electricity, natural gas, and gasoline.

The Price for home heating oil for people on the east Coast has also risen dramatically.

Buying a holiday feast, holiday gifts, and even buying food to donate to your local food bank, will cost you more.


Sad woman showing her wallet with dollars being sucked out of it.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR