With Covid-19 waning, even the famous “Forever Marilyn” statue is coming out of hiding.


After making her way across the country, piecemeal, on trucks, the 34-thousand pound statue is almost ready to take her place under the blazing sun in Palm Springs.


By the middle of June 2021, “Forever Marilyn” should be standing again in Palm Springs not far from where she stood back in 2012, though the neighborhood has changed.


She’ll be on display between the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Kimpton Rowan Hotel.


Despite lawsuits and complaints that the “Forever Marilyn”
statue is a bit too sexy for the city, the blonde amazon will be standing tall soon in downtown Palm Springs.


Legal challenges have wilted in the desert heat and the courtroom.



Photo of Forever Marilyn statue when she stood at Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way in downtown Palm Springs CA in 2014.

Photo from Palm Springs.com, via press release