As of 9 a-m Thurs Nov 19th 2020


Ballot counting for Riverside County ballots received on or before Election Day 2020 is complete.


Approximately 1,000 vote-by-mail ballots remain to be processed.


Under state law any ballot that arrives at the Registrar of Voters office by the close of business on Friday November 20th 2020, must be counted.


Approximately 15,000 provisional ballots still have to be processed.


Neftali Galarza has a 69 vote lead over Emmanuel Martinez in the race for a City Council seat in Coachella.


Roger Nunez is leading Jessica Gilbert by just 9 votes in the race for a City Council seat in Desert Hot Springs.


All other races have been decided.



Photo : Voting hand with ballot and wooden box.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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