In a glowing endorsement for Apple products, a Huntington Beach surfer has been reunited with his Apple Watch after losing it in the ocean six months ago — and it still works.

Robert Bainter says he always wore the high-priced watch when he body surfed because he considered it his “good luck charm.” But one-day last year, luck wasn’t on his side. ”

A huge wave came and, you know, I was loving it and rode it,” he says. “And then I pick up my arm and like, ‘Oh My God,’ what just happened?”

The watch was gone. After searching for it numerous times over the next six months, Bainter finally received a call from a man who’d just found it, washed ashore about three miles from where it had disappeared. ”

He was just walking, looking for shells, and he found it right there,” Bainter says. “It was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe it! It worked fine. It didn’t skip a beat, all the information was there, all the apps were there.”

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