It’s been a busy week for the Sheriffs Department Special Investigations Bureau and the Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force.

Wednesday morning October 14th they were out early, serving search warrants in Mecca and Thousand Palms.

On Desert Aire in Mecca, they confiscated 7,887 marijuana plants weighing 3 and a half tons.

No arrests made.

On Dunham Way in Thousand Palms, agents grabbed  4,714 marijuana plants,  and 50 pounds of processed marijuana, all weighing a quarter of a ton.

They also found 5 and a half pounds of methamphetamine, Xanax pills, amphetamine, and two loaded guns.

Officers arrested 39 year old Alexander Petricevic of Thousand Palms, and 21 year old Anthony Guebara of San Bernardino.


Photo from Riverside County Sheriffs Dept

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